About F for Food

My name is Elliott, and I started this blog in January of 2008. My interest in food, be it cooking, eating, reading or thinking about it, had become somewhat of an obsession. What I consumed was consuming me, I suppose. My friend, Chris, suggested I start a blog. I didn't even know what a blog was, but together, that night, we established the foundation skeleton of F for Food. In fact, it was Chris who helped me come up with the name. He knew one of my all-time favorite documentaries was F for Fake by Orson Welles. He also knew I love word play. And F for Food was born.

Over the years I have written about restaurants, food trucks, chefs, seasons, ingredients, trends, and recipes. Almost always the words become stories that weave through the years of my life and the family, friends, characters and places without whom there would be no stories. And, up until the Winter of 2012, all of the photography was my own.

What was one has now become two. In the Fall of 2012, I met Fred, and we very quickly fell for each other. In fact, our first date took place at one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. The restaurant was Fred's idea as was sitting at the bar (which I prefer) - who knew? Not only did he soon become a subject of F for Food, he became its photographer. And the aesthetic of my, now our, little blog, has never been more beautiful.

These days, Fred and I almost always cook and eat the meals I write about, together. Well, we eat them together, for sure. But though F for Food started as a little side project for me, I could never have guessed it would have come this far. And now, I am we; with my words and food styling and Fred behind the camera, here you have F for Food.

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We love comments, and adore recipe feedback. You can email us at fforfood at gmail dot com. Thanks for checking out F for Food!
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F for Food occasionally partners with brands and products we believe in; if you think your product is a good fit with our local, seasonal focus and you’re interested in working with us or advertising on F for Food, drop us a line  at fforfood at gmail dot com.
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Thank you for visiting, looking and reading!

-Elliott & Fred